Ryan Mavriplis - Associate Advocate

     Northern Kentucky University, SHEP Graduate 

Ellen Mavriplis- Founder and Director

     MBA and BA in Psychology, University of Cincinnati

“Nothing about us without us!”  Ryan is the inspiration behind Inclusion Advocates and is passionate himself about helping others with disabilities get the inclusive education they deserve and are entitled to!  In college, Ryan focused on coursework that gave him experience and formal training in understanding the broad range of disabilities and the special education system designed to service the needs of special education students.  He enjoys mentoring students with disabilities and has presented at numerous conferences and events on topics related to inclusion and disability.  Ryan assists with our "Ask the Advocate" events and other workshops, and is always willing to answer questions about his own journey through the special education maze.

Inclusion Advocates founder and director, Ellen Mavriplis, has been advocating for children with special education needs for over twenty-five years.    She is dedicated to helping parents successfully negotiate disputes with their school districts, coming to agreement on many of the tough issues inherent in today’s educational climate.  She has assisted families within both public and non-public school settings, from preschool to college, and has supported  students with a wide range of disabilities and educational needs.

Ellen approaches special education advocacy from the perspective of a parent of a child with a disability, an experienced advocate knowledgeable of special education resources and current laws, and with the overriding goal of finding solutions that are in the best interest of your child.  She undertakes each case with the passion and calm resolve that guided her through disagreements with her own son’s school district, knowing first hand the challenges that parents face and the rewards of persevering.  

Ellen has held leadership positions and been an active member of numerous education and disability related boards and national organizations.  Her accumulated experience and training uniquely qualify her to be an effective advocate for your child.

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